My 500 Words – set some goals

What do I really want to accomplish in writing?

I want to: escape reality. laugh at myself. have good comebacks. live in a cabin. get married. have kids.
My immediate reality is none of the things I want at the moment. It is only by writing that I can see hope for those dreams in my future.

So, what are my goals then? In regards to writing, Chelsea. Not your reality. gosh.

That is just it though. I write in my non-reality about the things I desire to be in my reality. So, It is a balance between your non-fiction and fiction. Keeping my dreams alive I must write. And in order to write I must have a plan. Who knows! This could be the page turner and soon I’ll see all my hopes and dreams coming in the next few chapters.

So, what are my goals in order to accomplish what I want?

  1. Keep my heart open. -don’t be afraid of what comes my way and allow each circumstance to be a moving story that can be told.
  2. Share openly.  -I am in the habit now of keeping quiet and not sharing what I have enjoyed about a day or what has made me contemplate. Must. Be. Vulnerable.
  3. Write daily. -even about pointless matter. My life’s message will come out. or so I’m told
  4. Read Others. -a writer who does not read is merely a wannabe famous person.
  5. Allow Editors.  -biggest struggle for me is right here. I don’t like people reading my stuff. It’s time to get over that! Editors are what make books good. We need their eyes AND their opinions.
  6. Push Send. -This is the big one. Letting go of the baby and sending it for others perusal and critique.
  7. Keep writing. -duh

Is that enough? or should I list more?

This 500 word challenge is proving a little difficult.

I’m only on my second day.

I don’t want to sound boring or get stuck in trying to “fill a page”. I hope that is not what is happening here. I am trying to find my voice. To write, wait and then see what it was that I really wanted to get across. I have always felt like I can’t settle on one particular thought or even land a thought process.

Possibly with these goals set and the help of Jeff Goins, I will be able to see what it is that I really want to get a cross. It is not easy. I am fully aware of that. But, something about sitting at the computer and typing away brings me energy like no other. Like this is my cup of coffee. My morning run.

I don’t run. Let me make that clear.

Writing is what I long to do. To be vulnerable and allow myself to speak with my heart and not just my mind is what I am needing to do. It’s part of growing up. Part of moving on.  I just need to keep writing.

These are my goals.


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