My 500 Words – get up an hour early


I am up early but obviously not early enough. I forgot that my schedule can and WILL interfere with those that I live with. So, Although I woke up an hour early, I am still fighting for myself to be alone without the care of someone else’s plans for the day. Not so fun.

Am I really a morning person? 

Friends of mine have made it very clear that they hate waking up early. They can spend all night out as long as they can sleep in until noon of the next day. Growing up I loved the mornings. I would be the first one up to sit with Mom and Dad as they sipped their coffee and I cuddled on one of their laps. I also loved staying awake at late hours of the night, which gave me the title of a ‘night-owl’. It was only recently I realized why I stayed up for hours at a time after bedtime. I was alone.

whoa, big realization here.

Being alone is what I do best. Although most days I hate it. I really hate questions. Questions about me, or questions about life.

I was told the other day “you just don’t like to be bothered”.

Well thanks, you big jerk. Don’t have to point out the obvious.

It is, most definitely, the truth.

But enough about that.

My Mother is a morning person. 4am is her wake up call. She sits with a cup of hot tea or just, a cup of hot water. Opens her Bible and journals and dives into a study time for almost five hours before the rest of us wake up. She is of course, a morning person.

Last week I woke up hoping to sit in the sunshine on the porch for a little while before I had to get ready for work. Mom was out there reading a book that I had asked her to read a couple of weeks ago. immediately she started talking, (not a bad thing) . I listened as the sun hit my skin. 45 minutes later I walked back into the house. I think I might have said 1o words. That is even pushing it.

My mother has so much to process. So much Wisdom to share. And so many stories to write down. She talks as if she has another person inside her watching her life unfold. She speaks with excitement and encouragement. I want to be like her.

This morning I am tired. I woke up excited for the day but something died after a few minutes of being on my feet.

I’m telling you! I don’t know how to live with other people!

I love mornings, I love the sunshine. Today I want to feel rejuvenated because I wrote this morning. That’s what they say will happen. If I write in the morning before the rest of the day I’ll feel energized.

Well… Coffee is in me and um….. well lets just say I’m not so happy.

Today’s post was scattered.  Tomorrows should be better.



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