My 500 Words- Free Writing

I’ve only got ten minutes before heading into work.

Free style huh?

Free style makes me think of the time mom would put a kerr jar on the table with pens in it. Then she would tell us to write a story. That became my favorite time of the day. Creative writing she called it.

Now my creative writing has turned into something a little different. For some odd reason I’ve become a negative Nancy and it fills up even the spaces that I write in. I don’t necessarily like that, but it’s what has happened.

Can that change? OF COURSE!

Last night my sister and I took my Mom to watch “Moms Night Out”. It was wonderful. The first twenty minutes had us laughing so hard we were crying. We all walked away with a beautiful reminder that WE ARE IMPORTANT! Mom’s are important. And of course, those of us who are not mom’s yet are important too.

The evening empowered us to let go of all pre-concieved notions and really be who we are. I wasn’t looking forward to work this morning. Neither am I now looking forward to work. BUT, I have an adventure to live. A story to write, and this is all part of the pages. I don’t need to be depressed or feel stuck in a box at work. I can open up my heart and let all the moments  flood in realizing that in that moment I am important for something, and those around me are important for something too.

I don’t want to live another day that puts me in a dark hole. I want to remember that my face somehow is neded for someone elses. And someone elses’s face is important for me to see.

Does this even make sense?

We each have a desire in us. Some of us already know what that desire is. Others are still searching. And further more there are others that have locked their desire down so deep that they are afraid to even bring it up in fear that it will overtake them and they’ll never be able to handcuff it again.

I just read a quote saying something like, Desire when not given attention too will go mad within us. I believe that a thousand times again and again.

My desire as of now is to quit work. Ha! Well,  I can’t do that. But if I don’t give attention to it I’ll probably go mad and it will come out in someway that instead of me quitting I could be fired. HA!

How can I make my day productive enough to keep my desire and passion alive? To live without any fear. To be excited about the adventure I’m on?

Well, here’s to another day!

Ah! I didn’t realize I hadn’t reached my 500 words. So now I’ll just ramble a little bit so I can get there. Anyone else does this? I’m sure. Come on! Just a few more words and….. WERE DONE!



2 thoughts on “My 500 Words- Free Writing

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