My 500 Words – write a letter to your younger self

Dear Chelsea,

As I write this, I am sitting at the same wood, circular table that you do your homework at.

You are ten and I am much older, and yet we have so much in common. (like, not wanting to tell people how old we are.:)

Summer is almost here and you are very excited! I am too! We both love the water very much and could swim for hours. You taught me to never give up swimming and to encourage others to love it too.

It is important for me to write this to you now, since there are a lot of events happening in your life that you do not like.
I know that you are angry. You are, aren’t you? You are also very sad. I know why too.

You don’t believe your parents see you. You think your sisters don’t care about you. Your frustrated with your friends, since they don’t talk to you every day. You like to sing and dance but it doesn’t look like people think you are good enough.

Am I right?

I know you like to read. Me too! You taught me that to read is to remind us that our life doesn’t have to be the way it really is. You like to write as well. Me too! When we write we get to make up our own story and our own endings! You also like to dress up and play by yourself in your room. I don’t dress up anymore, but I do have conversations with imaginary people in my head.  We’ll keep some of those things to ourselves. 🙂

I have some things I need to tell you. They might change the way you view your life. If not, then you will learn later. But, if I know you well enough, I know that you will listen and you will think about what I say.

1. Did you know your mother writes you a journal? She writes in it almost everyday, telling you how much she loves you and what she admired about you each day. Yes, sometimes there are some things you do that are very mean. You know what I’m talking about. But overall, your mother loves you.

2. Your sisters have never forgotten your birthday. And they even ask you to be with them sometimes. Did you know they think about you? They include you when they say they have five siblings? They laugh at you and with you. Don’t worry about them. You will be their friend later.

3. Singing and dancing, EVERYONE loves to do. Maybe instead of thinking about how much YOU want to do something, think about how you can HELP get others to sing and dance WITH you.

I know you don’t want this letter to be over. I don’t either. But it is time to live what I’ve told you. Get those bad thoughts out of the way.

There will be a day that you will be Happy. I promise. I’ve lived it and I’m living those days now. Don’t worry about the end of the world. Or your parents dying. They’ll be around for a long time. I promise. I know them!

Live your life, Chelsea. Smile, and share your heart. Don’t be so mean to your parents or your sisters. Let them be who they are. You are much needed in this world and soon enough you’ll know why.

Have a beautiful day. And try to be nice.:)




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