My 500 words – make a list (un-edited)

1. Breathe
2. Don’t judge
3. Be friendly
4. Look friendly
5. Always be prepared to say hello
6. Don’t be controlling
7. Go with the flow
8. Be secure
9. Remember you are loved
10. Drink coffee
11. Don’t take drugs
12. Travel
13. Have fun
14. Enjoy your life (you live only once)
15. Don’t be afraid
16. Take everything as a gift (good or bad)
17. Laugh at yourself
18. Make others feel worth it
19. Remember that YOU are worth it
20. Wear heels (no guys, not you)
21. Read good books
22. Write letters
23. Sleep well!
24. Schedule alone time
25. Use lots of lotion!
26. Take Long baths
27. Give hugs
28. Watch the sunrise
29. Enjoy the sunset
30. Have a conversation with a child
31. Color
32. Take walks
33. Go to your towns events!
34. Go dancing! (Only the good kind!)
35. Give away clothes you don’t like to wear
36. Make cards
37. Turn off the noise
38. Write a praise song
39. List the things you really want in life
40. Spend a day with a lot of kids
41. Watch a Disney movie
42. Allow yourself to cry
43. Sit all day in the sun
44. Get to know a homeless person (ask them why they are really there)
45. Buy only made in America
46. Learn how to give a good handshake.
47. Memorize a children’s story
48. Memorize the bible
49. Buy one thing of your favorite brand and wear it all the time!
50. Tell your family why you love them
51. Share with your friends why they are worth it to you
52. Don’t be shy
53. Tear a paper towel off for the person still at the sink.
54. Take a nap
55. Take a creative class
57. Go to a show (theater/concert)
58. Stay home
59. Don’t be afraid to tell someone you like them
60. Be confident in who you are (you’re perfect, just the way you are)
61. Have a girl party
62. Try a new accent
63. Don’t share your own opinion for an entire day
64. Have a day of just listening
65. Sit in the hot tub
66. Purchase a classy coat
67. Pin a secret board of all your dreams
68. Share one secret you hide inside
69. Paint the kitchen a new color
70. Pray for all the individuals you struggle with
71. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish before you die
72. Make a summer scrapbook
73. Ride your bike
74. Take a walk
75. Plant some flowers
76. Make an outdoor bed and sleep out there every weekend!
77. Home school your kids
78. Purchase a little black dress
79. Don’t eat fast food (unless it’s chipotle)
80. Buy a purse you’ll keep forever
81. Change up your hairstyle
82. Do something you’d never see yourself doing
83. Give up what everyone says you are and be free for one day!
84. Blast country music through your speakers
85. Dance in the bed of a truck
86. Purchase cow girl boots
87. Make a rainy day fund (cash an credit!)
88. Attend a baseball game (and football in it’s season!)
89. Purchase a backpack you want to be seen with
90. Send gifts and cards to your nieces an nephews
91. Brew coffee at your home
93. Wrote a journal
94. Paint a picture (and frame it! Consider it abstract art)
95. Read psalms and proverbs every day (you’ll be really encouraged. I promise.)
96. Let your siblings pick on you (it shows they love you….)
97. Send surprise flowers to your mom
98. People watch
99. Purchase good ear phones
100. Sigh




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