My 500 Words- write about writing

To write, is to to share your heart. Be vulnerable. Be open. To be read is to share your soul. To connect with the world on a level that mere speaking cannot communicate.

Why do you love to write?

Sometimes, most times I have no idea why I love writing. It could stem from the swirling thoughts that make up my thought process and writing is the only way to get some of them to escape the walls they are trapped in. Writing has given me an excitement. A drive. A calling some people say. Words on  a paper can be so boring. I know that when I pick up books I am either bored or interested. Most of the time I’m uninterested. But to find a book that peeks my interest and captures my soul I won’t ever let it go.

What is it that makes writing addicting?

There are days my fingers itch to type, or take up a pen. Is it because I want to be read? I don’t like saying that. I don’t believe that it is true. Hopefully it is because I just want to get words out of my head! Because once there is release of the chaos of my mind I want to repeat the unwinding over and over and over.

Why do you prefer blogging over journaling?

This is embarrassing. I would rather blog than journal. Probably because it has the opportunity of being read by another human being. A journal is my private, PRIVATE thoughts. No one but God should know whats in there. 🙂 This blog is more of a rambling, hoping that I’m connecting with someone out there that has the same thoughts, shares the same desires.

What if books stopped being printed?

Books might stop being printed. But words will never end. The internet is out there, but what makes up the internet? Pictures and words. Words will go on forever. A type of writing will always be important. Pen and Paper might not last. But words will never end. As long as there are people, words and writing will go on.

What if your writing was used against you?

I’m sure that happens often. If you’re a writer you have to stand strong even when your work is critiqued. If an author cannot take the feedback, they shouldn’t be writing anything for anyone to read. (I haven’t had to take this advice yet, but I heard it somewhere and believe it’s true. I have to practice!)

What if all the sudden you had no more words to share?

Then I wouldn’t write. I wouldn’t write anything. I would keep everything inside. Probably living a very dull life.

What does writing do for you?

Writing wakes me up. It gives me a passion for life. It brings me hope that there is a possibility my dreams really will come true. It lets the blood run through my veins with excitement and reminds me that life is importnat! That each individual has a story.A story worth being read.



3 thoughts on “My 500 Words- write about writing

  1. Hello,
    I love this piece on writing, especially how writing wakes you up. I can so relate to much of this and would love to include it in a book I’m working on where real people who write share their love of writing. It’s to inspire people that anyone can write.
    All good if you’re not interested, but just thought I’d check.

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