My 500 Words -persuade me

I am often persuaded by magazine covers of beautiful women with their hairless and curve free bodies. I am also a sucker to believe that my life will truly begin once I’ve booked some great vacation through AAA’s travel brochure. But not today, today I am free from all of that and choose to believe I am, content.

Today I am in a salmon colored top with a black, flowy skirt. It’s the first hot, spring day I’ve been able to enjoy. Believe it or not, I am laying on the trampoline under our large maple tree overlooking long lake. Let me clarify, I am not on a ledge over looking the lake. I’m basically on the lake. The yard and the waters edge are practically one.

I am confident of two things: I am beautiful and my home is heaven.

If you were here to enjoy this moment you would have no choice but to believe that my life is the best. I have no worries, no frustrations and absolutely no desire to go anywhere but stay in this perfect place.

How can this be? you ask.

You smell the musty lake, you listen to the loons croak and the swallows chirp. You see the fish jump and a few fishing boats floating on the water. You expose your skin to the sun and let it soak into your soul. The wind is gentle and warm whisping the hair away from your face. You sigh.

You are content.

If I could make you believe that all you need is nature around you and a day to feel comfortable in your own skin, I would. Unfortunately, it is different for everyone. I can’t persuade you to believe anything. I can tell you what I believe is best, and what I’ve experienced, but it’s you that decides what is needed and what is best in your life.

My happy place is to be laying in the sunshine. Not a cloud in the sky and a place where I can be so comfortable in who I am. Away from the bodies I see in pictures on the front cover of the magazines at the grocery store. Away from those that I compare myself to.  Away from the job that I don’t feel alive in. And away from the sounds of everything calling me to look everywhere I shouldn’t.

Confusing? Yes, But my point is this.

You need to quit looking at everything around you to find out who you are. You know who you want to be and what your soul screams out to be. You cry out a longing for true contentment. You want to have no care in the world and a security that makes you realize that you are unique the way you are and there is no need to put on someone else’s face.

You MUST be content, And if you are not. Find a happy place. Sit in it long and forget about what everything is saying around you.




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