My 500 Words – lie

They asked if I would I share my story. I said yes. I couldn’t think of what to share, since my life is pretty typical. I mean, I’m an average American, part of a blended family, didn’t go to college, missed great opportunities in high school, live in a beautiful home on the lake, laugh often, have great friends, but not married and by no means have any hope that I’ll make it big in the future.

So I stood there. In front of hundreds of people, silently waiting for me to bless them all with words that would inspire them to be something great. If they could only hear that I actually was great!

I cleared my throat and for the next twenty minutes had them believing that all things were possible and even they could achieve something as great as MY LIFE.

“Imagine a life of chaos, confusion and disorder. Five kids who were all striving to be noticed by parents who were struggling with their own insecurities. No abuse. Just a mental game of negativity.
Our home was in the middle of no where. dark and secluded. If there was a point to have friends we might have chosen to, but all friends became rejects. They didn’t come to our house, they didn’t care about our way of life. They chose to not be around us.

Then one day, the mail man came. He brought the mail regularly at the end of  his shift.

This time not only were there bills and magazines, but a very important letter for our family.

In it, was a letter from our very rich neighbor, four miles down the road. He needed some house keepers.

And there it was, all five of us kids went to live with him and his wife in “the mansion” as we called it. We were given free room and board. He even sent us to school and made us get out of the house to visit friends on weekends. We were amazed!

If it wasn’t for those years of slaving away in the forest we never would have gotten that letter stating someone needed us. It’s through the pain of life that you are blessed with joys.

So don’t worry about finding what you’ll be when you grow up. It will find you. Just like it did me.”


The story was finished and I sat down with a sigh. There was mild clapping. I thought for sure people would think I was great for what I had come from to what I went too. Maybe just maybe some of these rich folks would go looking for some poor person to give a hand out to. All because of me! And yet, I still hadn’t been vulnerable because later, when the woman who asked me to speak found me she was disappointed. “I wanted you to share your story. What was that?”

I couldn’t tell her my true thoughts knowing she would be even more disappointed.

“That is my story”, and with that I walked away.


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