My 500 Words – tell us about your day

I rolled over in bed not knowing what time it was. Thinking my alarm would tell me in the next several moments. The alarm never went off and the sun splashed across the walls in my room. Loud voices coming from upstairs made it clear I was the only one sleeping. The brother and Dad were chatting like architects about our already beautiful home. Mom was nestled into the couch admiring her two men. I put more coffee grounds into the maker and cozied in next to her.

“Oh, were we to loud for little, Chelsea?” My dad teased as he patted my head.
“I feel like I was run over by a truck. Rub my shoulders.” Dad laughed and continued patting my head and tried to rub my left shoulder. “Oh, never mind, pour me my coffee?” Then I went on in detail as to how he was to make it. “The cream is already in my cup. Just pour it. Don’t bring me half a cup. I need it full.”
“ok, ok! I get it.”

Mom and I had a very deep conversation before getting up to get ready for the day. The thermometer read 82 degrees and it was only ten in the morning. This was not a day to be wasted in-doors. Mom and the sister got right to work on getting breakfast together. I threw on the swim suit and gathered items for lunch on the boat. I was so looking forward to getting out of the house and spending a day on the water.

Sitting at the bow of the boat, water spraying on my face.
“This is why I live. These moments. It’s the only thing I hope for.” I looked at my sister and knew she loved this too.

We parked in a cove that had a ton of drift wood. We each picked up a stick and started hitting rocks (or pine-cones in my case). We climbed up rocks, all the while mom was sitting on a beached log commenting how peaceful it was out here.

Our neighbor found us on his large pontoon boat with his sweet boys. We played and fished for hours. The kids competing with who caught the most and biggest fish. The sun was hot and now as I sit here on the couch downstairs I can feel it’s effects on my skin.

Sadly we arrived home, but made up for it by playing soccer and basketball. A trip to the store turned out great and now here I am watching The Secret Life of Mitty with my dad while my siblings and mother sit outside around a camp fire. I guess I should be letting the day continue by sitting out there and letting the fire hypnotize me. Instead I’m sticking my head into technology. Hmm… Not the best way to end the night.

Either way, here I am hoping for a good ending to this story. Looking forward to cuddling in my bed and enjoying another beautiful day in the morning.

The end.


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