My 500 Words – give hope

The days drag on. The mornings come to quickly.  Didn’t I just do this? Is it really time to start again? The routine is settling in and the creativity is leaving your mind.

This is the true test.

This is not a test of diligence. It is a test of “Calling”. Are you called to do this? Is this really for you? If you know that pushing through the pain of this will have you coming out singing praises at the end, then you will succeed.

An athlete, a true athlete, will beat his body until it has undergone so much physical labor that it no longer finds struggle in the simple activities. Running long lengths, jumping high hurdles, lifting unbelievably heavy objects. And they continue. Why? Because they know that in the end there is a goal.

A self determination of achieving their desire.

Writing. Is that your desire? Is Writing out your emotions, day by day or thoughts on paper what makes you tick? Than you are a writer. My favorite reminder is when you are called to write it seeps out from every part of you. In a doodle, in writing the alphabet on a blank piece of paper. You also can’t help but formulate stories or articles in your mind. You day dream.

Ah yes, the day dreamer.

We just wrote 500 words yesterday evaluating the reason why we do what we do. Make a list. Determine the true reasons behind why you are writing.

Why are you still sitting here trying to formulate words?

If you can come up with reasons that reach that deep part of your soul that you didn’t know you had, than that my friend is a sign. For those of you who can’t figure out why writing is important, or why you have to do this, then give it up. You’re probably to predictable to read and after the first few funny posts we most likely won’t read you anymore. So Shoo!

I told my drama kids in their goodbye letter to not give up.  Some of the kids in my group are born to be actors/actresses. Others, need to find another avenue to get their creativity out. That is not a bad thing. But, what I was curious about is what they truly desire to be. To do.

If you have a desire, why don’t you act on it. If it’s wrong and you know deep in your soul then admit it and find a positive way to let that desire out.

Writing is a desire of mine. If I don’t accept that I either kill my creativity because I don’t let myself write, OR I look like a blubbering idiot due to the poor sentence structure I get verbally when I haven’t written in a long time.

You have two options:

1. Keep writing because it is your calling

2. Stop writing because it is not your calling

Once you’ve decided on what catagory you fit in. You are good to go.



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