My 500 Words – pick a fight

There is much to do about health these days.

“Oh! I’m gluten free.”
“I’m allergic to dairy.”
“My doctor says I can’t eat that.”
“Those herbal digestion pills are very bad for me.”

Every time I hear someone with their lazy response to why they can’t eat at that restaurant, or that dish, I have to refrain from rolling my eyes. Barely do I ever get away with it though. All to suddenly I am in a hot debate as they are shoving their regulations down my throat.

And I am being literal, they are shoving.

What if I was to shove some things back at them?

“Do you believe everything you read?”
“Would you ever think your Doctor is loving that you believe everything he says while he pockets your money and lives the dream?”
“Have you ever thought about taking care of yourself instead of having someone else tell you whats good and bad?”

“Are you sure you’re allergic? I thought you didn’t like carrots.”
“I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

Yeah, yeah, the fight begins and all I wanted to say was that they can do whatever they want. I’d just appreciate not being judged for supposedly judging them. Geez!

If you were sitting beside me this morning and we were sipping our coffee (or tea, or whatever you’re not allergic too). I would want to be honest with you one hundred percent. But first, there would have to be a wall broken down. The wall of self preservation. Another wall of needing to be validated. And one more, the wall of word reflexes.

You might be banned from gluten, or allergic to celery but does that mean we must talk about it all the time? I try to be considerate when I ask you to come to the house for dinner. I try to serve up foods you can eat, (mind you, it’s very draining when most times you tell me you can’t eat what I’ve served because of a recent knowledge that you had a flare up when you drank the water from my facet). I hear you saying “do you really care about me?” “Is it really that hard to not serve what I can’t eat?” Well my dear friend, I care about you. But have you thought about changing our coffee dates to something a little bit more smoothy related? I’ve told you that I want to stay away from caffeine.

It takes two to tango my friend. Unfortunately friendships are being ruined here. The drama queens and the pessimists are clashing heads and turning away long term friendships due to their doctors new prescription of “staying away from grains.” We stop inviting each other over. We can’t even text without the sudden urge to spew health venom both ways.

Where is the tolerance?

For the first time in my life I’m begging for tolerance. 

You have a belief, a way of life. Yes, I’m just like YOU. I believe a certain way too. I always believe that I’m right. Just like YOU believe that YOU are right. We both have the same mind! Are you kidding me? Why can’t we understand that we both have the same perspective? I’m right, you’re wrong. Will I love you anyway?

Constantly I am discerning if I am making a friend who will throw their opinions down my throat which in turn will make me hate them secretly. If we can’t have a good conversation regarding health or life than whats the point?

Keep your health tactics to yourself. If you think it might be helpful to share it with the world. Great! If they don’t accept it, then let them be. Don’t get all judg-y.






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