My 500 Words – write about waiting

To Wait: the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or until something else happens.

(thanks Google.)

A mother waits to meet her unborn child.
A child waits to be older.
A teen waits for independence.
An Adult waits for their life to start.
A husband waits for retirement.
A Woman waits for satisfying love.
A family waits for their next vacation.
A Grandma waits for her grandchildren.
Hospice waits for the end of life.

We are obviously, all waiting.

The constant back and forth of starting and stopping. It’s like you are standing on the ready-get-set-go line and the guy hasn’t yelled GO! Just waiting.

Waiting. waiting. waiting.

How do we describe this simple yet oh so painful situation we find ourselves in?


I find I think way to much while I’m waiting. My thoughts turn into a whirlwind of thoughts. I tend to get very fearful while I’m waiting. I try to imagine all of the worst scenarios that could happen when eventually I get that job, or find the love of my life, or arrive wherever the hell it is that I want to go.
I look at the future in fear and work myself up so much I lose sight of where I am going. There are other days that I get really excited. So excited that I forget about the simple plan that I had in the first place. The little things I know I have to start with. I get so obsessed with the “big picture” that I forget the importance of starting at ground zero and working myself up so I don’t deal with the pain of debt or too much rejection.

Waiting is important.
I ask what it is I’m really waiting for.
I see who I really am in the way I react.
I find who my true friends are.
I am amazed by the situations that come across my path while I’m waiting.
In the waiting I might change my decision for the long run.
In the waiting I might improve different ways to achieve my goals.
In waiting I find truth.

I find that I don’t like to wait. My insecurities shine through in ways I never wanted them to be seen.
In my waiting I want to be noticed.
I learn that to be unnoticed brings me the most creativity in getting noticed.
I learn in my waiting I am not content.


I see people content and am jealous. I think they have arrived at their turning point. But in truth. We are all waiting.

How can I be content in my waiting? I want to show others that I’m OK with being in the middle of where I was and where I’m going. But HOW?!

Can I wait to awaken love?
Can I wait for the best friend of mine to show up in my life?
Can I wait for my family to notice that I really love them?
Can I wait for the next promotion?

Remember. The best things in life are the things you waited for.




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