My 500 Words – write in someone else’s voice



I woke up early this morning, read the chapters of the mystery novel I have been reading. My coffee was warm and I sat outside on my balcony letting the sunset hit me square in the eyes. “Ahh, this is the life.” I thought.

If I were to share with you the ways of life or how the world moves in our little town I wouldn’t be able too. There are to many aspects to this life that I barely understand my own.

Humans stay busy by Home chores, work and family. Others stay busy by keeping there large ass on the couch and skimming through channels. See my point? So different I don’t understand.

If I were to tell you what I see the American Dream to be I’d say: A great job, high on the success ladder. A family. A beautiful wife with all the love in her heart for me.  Possibly a couple kids. A well manicured lawn with a landscape that shows off your wealth.

What else you ask?

Aww yes, the “else” question. What else is there that these Americans dream about that they already don’t have. Contentment. Yes, that’s it. We all have a life worth living. We have th eperfect spouse, house and car. And yet, we are still missing something important. But what is it?

Even I am unsure as I sip my coffee and continue watching the sunrise. If Only I knew how to formulate words, give up everything that I’ve got and acheive that highest form of humanity. Whoa. Did I just say that? The highest form of humanity? Yes. I did. It’s about becoming a god. One that people worship and love, need and want.

The realistic American dream is to be noticed. Adored. Praised. We are selfish greedy people who would like nothing other than to have a title behind our name that people sigh when they hear. We want wealth and fame only so we can stay above all the others that are around us. I want what I want. Don’t you see?

Our country was born on the same thoughts. Maybe not so hungry for selfish reasons. But they wanted what they wanted so they ran away and found a land with no rules. I would do the same thing if I wasn’t allowed some of my own personal convictions. But what was a great lesson, a beautiful scene turned into a place of entitlement and self gratification. No one cares anymore about the religious freedom we have. No one cares that we have a place to call home without fear of being killed just because we’re breathing.

We are still yearning for something more. And we’ve made that out to be, success. Success that equals others attention.

Call it what you want, but we are all living for ourselves. If you are able to live with the intention of pleasing another human, than hats-off-to-you. That is a miracle.

Still standing on my balcony thinking of my life I am struck with the truth. I am the same way. I want what I want and I want it now. Everything is fast paced. But watching the sunrise slowly but surely is how I’d like to live.

Here’s to the day. Take it slow.


(written in the perspective of a new friend I’ve met)


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