My 500 Words – write about justice


Justice is not for everyone, right? Think of yourself. Who you are. You’re thoughts. Your heart. Your desires. Do you really deserve Justice? You lied. They discipline you. You steal. They imprison you. Is that fair? Is that right? If it’s you, do you really think that it’s right?

When we think of Justice we never assume that justice is for us too. Think of… a Judge. We think of him giving out justice. We don’t ever see him getting justice himself. Well why not? Because he’s morally right. He’s not doing anything wrong. No one knows his sins.

What about the president? OK so, we won’t talk about that one. Moving on.

What does Justice really mean? Well, Google didn’t help much. “Just behavior or treatment.” The example was: “a concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people”. OK so that wasn’t exactly my take on the definition.

When I think of Justice I think the definition should be: “Giving someone a punch in the face for not doing what is right.” Now that is more like it. Playing fair? No one plays fair. Therefore, a punch in the face. Are we happy now? Most of us.

Last week I experienced an interesting situation. The woman came in talking about the law she had played a huge part in making regarding DUI drivers. She was so passionate about the fact that no one should get away with that. Her son was killed by one. I agree. I’d be passionate about it too. But I didn’t see or hear about Justice that day. I heard, revenge. “You killed my son, I make you suffer.” Is it logical? Yes. I don’t in anyway blame her for wanting to be very sincere in hating those that killed her child.

Revenge and justice seem to go into the same sentence often. After Google’s help though I realize that Justice is not Revenge. Justice is playing fair, and if you don’t, you suffer the natural consequence. Almost like smoking. You smoke? Your lungs fail. You drink to much? Your kidneys fail. Even our bodies know what justice is.

America has forgotten what Justice is. They remember full well what revenge is though. My heart goes out to the children in America who have families that have made poor decisions. I am heart broken when I see people treating children with the same bad attitude as they treat their parents. Is it right to give the same treatment to a child as it is to give to an adult? Sometimes, if the child knows what they’ve done. But some of these kids in the foster care systems have had no say in the matter if their father raped the neighbor next door, or their mother deals. They have no say in their guardians decisions to steal food or trash the city down town.

In our Revengeful state we want to show those families, including those children, that they need to suffer for their poor choices. But is it fair? is that right? No. Revenge is never right.

Justice is to make fair decisions. You vandalize? You must clean it up, or pay. Whatever that disciplinary action is now-a-days. You rape. OK…. go to jail. You murder. Yep, bye bye.

We must remember though that each individual person is the same. You and I are much like those families that have made choices to live in a life of hell. We each have emotions. We each have desires and longing. When you put your revenge on someone, you can’t forget how it makes them feel. What it makes them think.

We forget that our hearts are the same as the others we see day to day. You’re actions could one day be turned around and lashed out on you. The golden rule, remember? Do unto others what you would have done to you.

Don’t forget that we each have the opportunity to show what true Justice is. You know, giving out what they deserve. But we also have the option of understanding and giving out what people deserve in a way that is not revengeful.

The end.


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