Writing 101- the serial killer

disclaimer: I don’t like serial killers…

They met at a church function. He seemed sweet. Six feet tall with dark features and blue eyes. Nothing about him screamed romantic. Definitely more mysterious. She was intrigued. They worked together on different ministries especially with the homeless shelters. She enjoyed the way he interacted with the people. Making them feel comfortable as he got to know them. Asking deep questions like why there were homeless. Where they spent most of there time. They could confide in him and she found herself easily letting go of her insecurities around him.

“So tell me about your life. What keeps you busy during the day?” He asked her one Sunday afternoon when they were preparing meals to hand out that evening.
“Oh not much. I prefer to keep to myself during the week. It keeps me better focused during the work week” She shrugged her shoulders and let him assume she liked to be alone.
“Any chance you’d spend some of your down time with me?” He looked at her with a smirk.
She couldn’t respond. She was shocked he asked her.
“Well… sure…. I mean, I guess….” she sighed. “Yes. I could do that.” His smile got bigger.
“Good. I didn’t want to have to show up at your door and make you spend time with me.” They both laughed and she did a double take. His eyes held so much mischief she wanted to reach down into his soul and figure out what it was that he held there. He wrapped up his sandwiches in plastic wrap and washed his hands.
“See you tonight.” He looked her down and up and she could feel her face turn three shades of red.
“yeah…” her voice caught. “See you then.”

She was nervous when she showed up at the meeting place downtown. She thought for sure she’d collapse because of weak knees the moment she saw him.
“Hey!” She whipped around. But it wasn’t him, it was the ministry leader for helping the homeless. “So He’s not coming tonight. He gave a call saying that something came up.” The ministry leader looked down at his ringing phone. “Hello?” he paused. “Uh yeah.” He was looking around frantically. “It happened down town? Right here?” He looked at all the people preparing for feeding the homeless. “yeah I got it. I’ll let every body know.” She was confused. And waited for his remarks.

“Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming out tonight and helping with the homeless. Unfortunately, something terrible has happened and we shouldn’t be down town right now.” He scanned the group.
“Well, whats going on? What happened?” Someone asked.
He was glad they had already started packing down the tables. He put his hands in his pockets and sighed. “There’s been a murder.”


She was preparing for the morning when she got a text.
I’m at your door. let me in.
She was  instantly afraid. I’ll be fine. Don’t be such a psycho.
She walked down stairs and let him in. He came in with a huff and looked frantically around the house. He’d never been there before and she didn’t expect him 10 hours earlier than the time they agreed on.
“Well hello. Everything alright?” Her heart was beating fast and she had the growing suspici0n that she was in serious danger.
“Aha!” He eyed the cellar door and took a glance back at her. The sinking feeling went straight from her head to her toes. I should never have let him in. She began to back up through the front door.
“You and I will be taking a long little vacation wherever that door leads.” His eyes looked glaze and there was nothing but vicious mischief behind the stark blue stare.
“I don’t think… I don’t want…. you’re crazy!” She was already half way out the door when he caught up to her. She screamed and prayed that her neighbor heard her.
The man she had so innocently liked was dragging her across the room as she kicked and screamed in fear. “Oh God No, No No!” She didn’t not want to go into that cellar and for sure knew that whatever would happen would change her life.
“Wait! Let me speak!” He chuckled as he reached the cellar door. He put her down and looked her straight in the eye.
“I don’t typically like it when my victims speak, but for you…” he wrinkled his nose. “I’ll give you a sentence.”
She waited till the panic settled and chose her words carefully.
“Why weren’t you downtown yesterday to help serve the homeless?” He shifted his weight around still keeping her pinned to the cellar door. He was nervous. She could tell. Then a sick smile spread across his face.
“I didn’t know it was any of your business.”
She braced herself for an attack but instead squealed inwardly as  she heard steps at the door and a face in the window.
She took her cue.
“And I didn’t know you had any right to barge into my home.” With that she raised her knee, kicking him in the groin. He let out a pathetic groan and she raised her other making sure she got him one more time. His grip on her wrists loosened and her neighbor made his move bring the metal bat down on the intruders head. She immediately ran to the phone calling emergency. Her neighbor kept an eye on the criminal and waited for her until she came out of the kitchen.
“I heard you scream.” The kind man said.
“I prayed you would.” She said, still in shock of what happened.
Until the cops showed she said nothing. They entered and began interrogating. One cop kneeled by the crime scene and his eyes looked him over.
“No need for an id check captain. We’ve got ourselves our serial killer.”


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