Writing 101- describing a new friend

At first I didn’t like her. She was sarcastic and a little too loud for my taste.
I stayed friendly and figured that I could at least be nice.  Right? I knew they enjoyed coming into the office and I hoped that I could only make them want to come more than they already did.
She and her husband would come in through the door laughing over something that had just happened outside. I would see their eyes glistening with tears knowing that it was true laughter. They would sit their quietly waiting for me to finish up with my task at hand before I’d turn and greet them. Extremely curious of what made them so excited.
“what are you two up too?” I’d say with a glimmer of mischief.
“ooooh, she’s on to us.” Mary would say and nudge her husband playfully on the arm. And all over again they would bust out laughing and I’d be forced to join in as it is contagious.

No more than 5’5 she stands. With quick movements that are not graceful nor staccato. She moves as she speaks. Direct, firm, funny yet very compassionate. The playful taps on her husbands shoulder shows me one of her love languages. The quick one liners that encourage me on days that seem so depressing are signs she loves words. She invited me to lunch… Probably loves some good ol’ quality time? She listens as she plays. She sees instead of uses.

The more I talked, the more I found we had so much more in common. Although she could be my mother I began to see myself twenty years from now. Opinionated but a good listener. Confrontational but honest. Frustrated but kind. She is the epitome of what I feel like I am becoming.

She has become my friend. For what reason? I’m not sure. There is an emotion that comes after spending time with her. It’s as if I need her in my life. I cry thinking of the life I’ve had without her. I smile at the simple pleasure of being with her for five minutes. She could be my mom yet she calls me her friend. She could reprimand me and yet she chooses to listen as if she’s my peer. She shares assuming that I want to listen to her too. which I do!

Somehow she became more than a friend very quickly. She knows my thought processes. She knows my desires. She knows my soul. And she wants to journey through life with me as her friend. I feel honored. Overwhelmed and not worthy at all.

I will be forever grateful to God for companions and grateful that others want me to be theirs.




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