My 500 Words- write about travel

My feet are tucked in beneath me. I watch the scenery fly past the passenger window. I feel the rumble of the the tan Taurus.

I am free.I am going places. To where? I don’t know.We just drive.

To travel is to explore the unknown. I crave adventure. A journey where I don’t know ends. I’m looking for something. Something amazing. I don’t know what it is until I see it.

We park the car. We set up camp. The fire starts rolling and the smell of dinner intertwines with smoke.

We speak of a hike. Maybe a bike ride. We end up choosing to walk up looking for Cooper Lake. We don’t even get close.

Deep breaths fill my lungs. The fresh air is a mixture of peace and mystery. The scenes of nature are erotic and mesmerizing.

My body doesn’t want to leave. It wants to strip down and be part of nature itself. I want to be part of what I see. What I feel. How can something so simple do that to you?

I remember my phone is in my back pocket. I pull it out, glad that it is on airplane mode. I don’t want anyone to find me. If they do, they better be on the same page. Just here to enjoy. No talking. Escaping whatever it is I’m running from.

I snap pictures all around me. The don’t do justice. What I see, smell, hear are magical. I forget that there is something called a schedule. I’ve been pulled into Eden and never want to leave.

Traveling does that to you. It reminds you of what you have forgotten. To live life. To keep your eyes open. To be in Awe of whats around you.

We’re back in the car. Again I watch the road fly past my window. The wheels sound tired on the road. The yellow lines pass by in a blur.

Will I remember the sensation? Will I keep the pace of nature? How do I live in peace and serenity as I live in the world that goes by so fast?

I have determined that once a year I need to get out and travel. I need to journey. To see the world. To escape the confines of home and relationships that forget the importance of mystery.

Maybe Buy a bus. Convert it into an RV. Make some bed. Put a fridge in there somewhere. Oh! No one want to come with? No problem. I’ll pick up some hitch hikers. They’ll appreciate the comfort. Maybe some warmth too. We’ll travel. We’ll bring a map. We won’t look at the map. We’ll drive and remember how important it is to just go with the flow.

We’ll breath. we’ll sleep. We’ll laugh. We’ll reminisce.

Traveling is to explore the unknown. Without the adventure of not knowing there is no point to continue pursuing. Always pursue. Not just people but the world in which we live? You’ll have people to pursue with it.

Until Next Time.


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