Learning to Unplug


Salmon La Sac campground. Cle Elum, WA


“I want to go camping.” I said to a friend.
“Oh yeah? When shall we go?”

And so it began…. the planning, the excitement. Two girls on a mission to prove to ourselves that we really could conquer the wilderness.

“I’lll bring the air-mattress!”
“I’ll bring the wine!”

Yes. Some people would throw us under the catagory of “glamping”. I’d prefer “camping in style”.

Yes, we were cozy on an air mattress with blankets that could be found in a beautiful guest room. And yes, the wine was great.  I’d much more prefer comfort than tired and grumpy.

We began our trek to on the I-90 heading west towards Seattle. Our camping excursion took us to a tiny little town called Roslyn, right outside of Cle Elum, Washington. Cle Elum has been known for it’s frustrating little town especially if you are trying to get gas and then get right back on the freeway. This little town forces you to, for lack of a better term, take a minute. The slow speed of twenty-five miles an hour and the locals walking across the street remind you that life isn’t always as fast as we make it to be.

We stopped in the country store and grabbed some last minute items, you know: meat, soap and milk. That’s what everyone does right? The cashier, a boistry heavy set blonde looked us down and up. “Camping?”
“Yes we are.”
“Well, I hope you stay dry. It’s not supposed to be nice until Saturday.”
My friend and I looked at eachother and smirked. We were only planning a one night trip and neither of the days we’d be there was Saturday. Great.

Back into the car we go. Passing the little red shack with a wooden sign above the door: Firehouse. We both chuckled and kept our eyes open. The police station might have been able to fit one person. I’m assuming it was the town jail as well. The houses close together. Just imagine small, old antique cars sitting in the driveways and I’m sure you cam picture exactly what we saw.

Soon enough we were out of “town”. If we could even call it that. And the lush trees and greens were surrounding us on every side. Wenatchee State Forest signs greeted us every couple of miles, reminding us that we were to preserve nature. I almost felt guilty driving a car through the area.

We couldn’t check in until two and had a couple hours to kill. There were stops all along the way to our camp ground and we stopped at a lunch spot that held tables, a bridge and some trails. We parked the car, grabbed our lunches and went on an adventure. My phone had no service and I secretly smiled to myself. I didn’t even think about that before I came.

We sat on some rocks with our feet almost touching the flowing water heading down stream. I took a deep breath. Sometimes there are breaths that are deeper than you thought you could ever breathe. And when you release them it’s amazing at how healing they can be.

I didn’t know I needed this. I thought as I ate my lunch and listened to the loud noises of nature. Complete peace. We brought out our books and read while the sun was hot over head. I couldn’t help but think that God had brought me hear unbeknownst to myself just so He could get me to be with him by myself.

He’s been calling me for quite some time now and I have been to busy to actually pay attention. I’ve been so absorbed in the thoughts and activities of the busy life I lead that I’ve been avoiding spending time with Him.

We arrived at our site and set up camp. I’ve never felt so empowered than when I looked at our tent after it was set up and patted myself on the back for how inviting it looked. The air mattress and down blankets really helped.

My favorite moment was on our hike up to Cooper Lake. A gentle sloap upwards and trees every where. Lush like a rain forest and the sound of a waterfall somewhere close by. We walked up until we got to an opening that we could step out onto natural rocks and over look the flowing water benath us. There was a 30 feet drop that we could have jumped into freezing cold water. But… no thank you. I chose to stay dry.

My thoughts became so focused on what I was seeing that I felt I was in the very presence of God. He was all around me, In me, Whispering to me, talking loud to me. I felt so intimate with Him that I didn’t want to leave. It was as if I had entered Eden and understood what a disappointment Adam and Eve felt when they walked on the hard dry land the very first time.

I slept that night relieved that my phone was not buzzing and I wasn’t needing to look at it every second. I knew that tomorrow when I woke and got back in the car I’d be pulling it back out and living that busy life again. It’s like I’ve become addicted to something that I don’t even want.

I do not want the busy. I do not want the confusion.

I realized how badly I wanted to stay in this peace of mind. This calming of my soul as I let God really show me his world. His view.

Take a break. Go camping. It’s what you really want and you don’t even know.


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