The Adventure Series: Day one, say Yes!

The first of July marks exactly half way through our calendar year. Typically, I live my life unaware of this day by keeping up with the activities at my parents house. Swimming, Tubing, Tanning, Running, Napping. But today I am fully conscience that the Summer won’t be around forever and here I am sitting at my computer talking about it. I need to be outside doing something. But the journey must be documented.

I have made a decision to say YES this month.

Yes to what you ask?


Have you ever wondered why it is so much easier to communicate with others when you are working together? Do you find that you find out more of who you are when you’re in the middle of a journey?

I believe it is because we were made for adventure. We are created to discover. To uncover hidden mysteries deep down in our souls and throughout the world.

There is so much we learn about ourselves and those around us when we are participating in activities together. I don’t necessarily love to learn about my weaknesses, but I do prefer to learn them in a place where I can actively change and those around me are pleased with my trying.

YOLO has become my motto. Lets not be dumb. Let’s admit that we will only be in our twenties, once. Today is the youngest I’ll ever be and I want to live it to the fullest. Whether that means taking an adventure like a gypsy, OR working to my full potential at work. Will we live with regrets when we’re sixty? Wishing we could have take more time to go instead of only dream?

I want to say YES and not be afraid of what the consequence is. Just go and do and gain so many experiences in the process. There is much to learn about ourselves and we need to begin. Many people will oppose you as you say you’re living a life of adventure. Where is your sense of responsibility? Where is the maturity of an adult? Don’t listen to those voices. (But as a disclaimer: I am not the one who told you to live a life of adventure and be dependent on someone else to pay your bills.)

In order for me to say YES here are some things that have gotten me ready:

  • I quit my job
  • I’ve made my bed
  • I’m emotionally and physically ready
  • I’ve saved up money

Please don’t go quitting your job. Even while you are working you can be ready to take daily adventures. A seargant in the army once told his officers. “Always make your bed in the morning, if you feel like you haven’t been productive, you can say confidently, ‘I made my bed'”. Make your bed, clean your room. In simple terms, be prepared.

So please follow along as I look for ways to say YES and go to places that I typically wouldn’t have. The Summer is almost over, The year is half way over! Lets do this!

Here is to the adventure! In the process we will learn much about ourselves!


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