The Adventure Series: Day Two, Clydehurst first YES Came two weeks ago when I was asked to be a Sub for a high school camp in Montana. I would have said yes to the two weeks they asked of me, but I committed when I had had a job.

Clydehurst Christian Ranch, is exactly what the name says it is. The ranch began in 1910 serving as a home and post office, including a library and eventually a place to entice the wealthy Eastern guests to stay.

Today it is run as a Christian non-profit that puts on Children’s camps and family camps all summer long.

My friend ships out every June to stay in this beautiful part of Montana. It’s nothing like you imagine. It’s amazing.

The first time my family decided to attend one of their family camps, I was a little nervous.

“No cell service? Mom! You’ve got to be kidding me?!”

We arrived and were welcomed by friendly faces and people who would escort us to our family cabin. We began to unpack and made our cabin feel a little bit like home. But every time I glanced at my phone I was thinking there was no way I would survive.

All our meals were in a lodge up the hill. I saw the other kids my age playing games in the living room area or running outside to play in the field where the volley ball courts were. The swimming pool was heated and there were hikes planned every day. My insides began to melt as I looked around me and realized I was standing right in the middle of nature.

The valley the camp is located in is seriously that, a valley. I felt like I was in a John Wayne movie when he makes peace with the Indians to live in their territory.

Chapel services were held in the log cabin down the hill. I could hear music playing as we got closer. We walked in and saw tight rows of about 30 pews lining the small building. Instead of feeling claustrophobic like I expected, it felt cozy. I actually looked forward to cram in there with 20 other families!

Walking out of the chapel we walked up the hill to a row of cabins. During family camp this is where all the staff stay. I see a few of them sitting on the cabin porches or walking around them. They are young and good looking. I later find out that most of them are in their late teens, early twenties. They are the counselors who come up for the entire Summer. They teach the kids camps and lead the hikes and activities for the Family Camps. I determine in my head No cell service? Pretty people? I think I want to be like them one day.

Behind these cabins and to the left are the horses. I remember my first time riding… Jake I think? He kept trying to buck me off. I didn’t panic. But…. maybe I did.

Now eight years after that first initial introduction to Clydehurst I get to work there for the second time. I’ve never been “staff”, but I’ve been asked to Sub for High school camp three years in a row. And I love it.

I thought I’d never be able to escape the real world, or want to for that matter. But Clydehurst takes the business out of your life and helps you go the natural rhythm of nature. It reminds you that God and People are the more important things in life. It reminds you to breath.

If you need a place to get away and need the perfect camping adventure! Look it up! The link is below.





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