My news feed was surprisingly slow today in regards to posts about the 4th of July. Isn’t it somehow un-supportive if you don’t blog about the US Holiday?

Nah! People will get over it. But let me tell you. This typical Hot day in July is my favorite Holiday.

I didn’t realize this until recently when someone asked me what I really look forward to in the summer. And my friends, this is it!

I cringe when I hear “the 4th of July and then Thanksgiving!” WHAAAAAT? I want to smack them in the face. Don’t bring up such sad news. Enjoy the day! Enjoy the rest of summer!

As kids we don’t care much about the reason behind the 4th. Now that I’m older and have opinions of my own I find that I am more interested and blessed by this specific Holiday.

The US’s Birthday. We’ve been around for 200+ years and here are the reasons why I appreciate the US.

  • Freedom– We can believe what we want without fear of being persecuted by the government. We also have the ability to choose how we want to live, what we want to eat and how we want to raise our children.
  • Values – While the constitution was being written the heart behind our founding Fathers was to have a life that had moral values. That took care of one another, that didn’t uplift one man, but grew us all as an American Community.
  • Unique- The US is unique in politics, people and geography. I love being unique. I love being exclusive. There are days I wish we were all purely American. But, I understand that people from other countries without our Freedom come, so they too can experience the same thing. Which I am proud to say we offer.

If there is something I want to impart to my Children it is patriotism. National loyalty can come in so many different ways. If they love and support our country, they will defend the people, their rights. They will love on those who are less than them and love those that are above them. They will fight for values and family bonding.

As we raise the Red, White and Blue today let us remember why we individually love about our country. What do we love about the people in our country. For a Country is not a Country without people. Do we love the land, or those that live in the land?

Keep in mind that today is a great Holiday! Enjoy!




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