On the Road

My first adventure begins and I am anxiously waiting to get in my car an drive. Not until I’ve finished my first cup of coffee.

Last night I checked off everything I’ve packed. Did I miss anything though! Don’t you hate that feeling?

I am mentally preparing myself for anything that could happen to me on the road. How will I respond?

If I get a flat tire? keep calm, call dad
If I hit a deer, or antelope, or squirrel….? just keep driving.
What if I run out of gas? Don’t call Dad, he’ll tell mom and mom will freak. Figure this one out, sweetie.
What if there’s a tornado? Not gonna happen. We don’t live in that climate.
What about an earthquake that breaks apart my car. Cry yourself a river.

Ok, I’m exaggerating.

But just so y’all know, here’s an app that will get you places.

Trucker tools- it’s a red app with with white lettering.

And I’m off!


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