Un-expectantly rewarding

I’m Laying on the bottom bunk with the lights turned off and eight sleeping high schoolers all around.

We’re cramped in this cabin but I don’t mind. The new remodeled shower and bathroom make up for it.

The girls beds creak as they shift their bodies to get comfortable. Every time they move I remember that they are living, breathing, thinking.

I quit my job that was consistently paying (not much, mind you), and came to a camp where my energy would be zapped out of me the first twelve hours and the pay will only help for my trip home. Why? You ask.

Incredible how the things we think are important are really so rediculous. Now here I am at this camp, counseling freshman, sophomores and seniors and I find it the most rewarding opportunity in my life.

Why would I settle in a 9-5 job when I know I’ve been created for something specific. I wonder what my boss would say now. They are probably still mad. But then I remember that it’s not in them that I find my worth. God will take care of me. He will direct me. He’s been actively doing that since I was sixteen.

As the girls live their lives here at camp for an entire week, I get to learn a lot about them. I get to know what they like and dislike. I get to see how they are with groups of people. I get to hear their hearts and know their dreams. I am able to encourage them, and they me. I am able to watch them come out of their comfort zones and make friends with other campers from around the country. It’s a beautiful thing.

Not only do I love my campers. But I love the team ethic here. I am surrounded by fifty others who are working together for the same goal. It’s amazing to feel supported and appreciated. Every day there are words of encouragment for the staff an I hear them constantly tell me and the others that they have my back.

Support brings empowerment. Empowerment brings confidence and confidence I believe, breeds more support as we then see others in our same shoes. I love it. I think I was born for this type of environment.

The girls are probably now dreaming and I imagine them seeing how we as counselors, work as a team. Do they see it? Will our example change their lives?

My hope is that as they dream and live out tomorrow they will be filled with hope that their life is worth it. That we have their back.

Now that I’m here, Why would I ever settle? This goes way beyond my ability to survive. I’m constantly asking for strength. And it is always given. I am pouring out of myself and investing in others. And I know that others are investing in me. It’s a rewarding life and it’s worth it.

Don’t settle my friends. Live a life of adventure and let it be a life that reminds you to give out. It’s so worth it.



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