Blogging Tips

Boulder Field in McLeod, MT

Boulder Field in McLeod, MT

I am back from my adventure to Montana! Seven days of non-stop energy with 197 high school students and all that come with them. Sixteen hours driving by myself, playing Hunter Hayes and praying that all the antelope would be sleeping. Now I’m home and content with just sitting here watching the thunder storm play it’s tune outside.

Coming home I was starting to worry about coming back to my parents home with nothing planned for tomorrow. But instead of focusing on the ensuing panic attack I listed My Gratefuls.

  • I was in a valley in Montana, away from technology for a week
  • without technology, my IQ rose about 10 notches
  • Thankful that nature all around me was beautiful whether it was brown and flat or tall and green.
  • Happy to be placed in places where I am blessed.

After a great nights sleep I woke up energized and didn’t know what to do with myself! A long talk with my mother helped with that. Then I sat out on the dock at tanned while I dreamed of my new novel about a wanna be gypsy (watch HERE for more info!)

Now that I am settled into the sofa sneezing like no other I’m finally able to catch up on the wonderful blogging tidbits that have found their way into my inbox while I’ve been techno-free.

If you are interested in blogging tips here are some great ones I’ve been catching up on.

  1. Jeff Goins posted the other day why everyone should write a book. I was inspired by the reasons he listed. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  2. I have been following new bloggers and have seen this badge of Independent Fashion Bloggers. I looked them up and sure enough, they are exactly what their website is called. I’m not a fashion designer but I was impressed by the tips they give their bloggers. You’ll enjoy this post.
  3. Reading other bloggers and determining what I like and don’t like I have updated my About Page. I have also included a new page to list the the work that I am hoping to have represented.

It’s easy to get bogged down with all the beginnings of new blogger syndrome as I like to call it. Unfortunately, there are bloggers who make us newbies think that it is too hard to continue and you must be very determined. It’s like they don’t want us to keep going and be successful. Do you know who I’m talking about?

I would encourage you to keep up the good work! Look for more ways to update your page, your blog, your life! It is entertaining to read some of these new blogs and see where their creativity leads them.

What are some ways you find encouragement as a blogger? Do you read a blog before you write? If you have any blogger tips please list them in the comments below!




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