Day Dreaming – Adventure Series

I’m nervous today.

Just saying that makes me feel better.

I used to chalk it up to PMS.

I also used to claim it was my sixth sense.

Lets choose to believe that I’ve matured and am now able to decipher whats true and whats false.

Instead of thinking I’m scared, something bad is going to happen. I realized. I’ve had three cups of caffeine today. 

Instead of dreaming up some reason why I am anxious I let my myself admit that I was and listed some of the events in the day that might have been the key contributor.

And, now, that I’m sitting here typing I feel MUCH better. It’s my therapy.

This morning I woke up thrilled to think about the next trip I am planning. I have yet to purchase the ticket I need to Michigan at the end of August. There are just so many options and I’m waiting for the perfect one to come into play!

Planning is part of the Adventure.

I can’t let a trip go without some sort of planning. And I am sure you agree with this. So, here are the details for my upcoming journey.

1. Don’t be stingy -Decide what amount you WON’T go over and then don’t be afraid to spend up to that much.

2. Kill two birds with one stone – I’m heading to the East Coast. If I’m going there, I should hit up all the friends and places I’ve been thinking about for the last three years.

3. Pack Lightly -Begin now what you are going to pack. Plan on just a back pack and only bare essentials.

4. Be Excited – I’m thrilled! It’s what I’ve been wanting and here I am planning it.


As for my earlier admission regarding my anxiety I have to admit one more thing.

I told my mom that I’m kind of afraid of myself. I have ideas of being a gypsy. I have been day dreaming about driving in my car and letting the wheels turn and my instincts to take me wherever the roads may lead. What if I really follow through with those thoughts? You know when people talk about sleep walking, or sleep talking? Well, what if I began a journey while I’m sleeping! Ah!

My plan has begun to take shape and I am needing to purchase my tickets. My hope is that you too will get the day dreaming bug and plan your next adventure! Who knows! we could meet up! 🙂



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