Let’s Blog!

I don’t have a Journalism degree. I don’t have an English degree. Do I even know how to write well?

Do the thoughts drown you? They do me!

I keep pulling up articles online with titles that give me a list of reasons why I should start freelance writing, or blogging, or writing in general.

I believe it is time to stop reading those and begin to dig into true writing. You have to start somewhere! If you’re a writer, then start writing! Amazing huh?

Who thought it would be so easy.

Why do we have to follow a list of rules? Why is it necessary to jump on someone else’s band wagon? Isn’t it possible to begin your own adventure without trailing behind someone else’s jet streams?

Lets be honest, everyone who has a business wants the same things:

No Boss.

Make Money.

Have a great following.

Be Happy!

Now for a minute, let me be honest.

I’m confused.

Truly, honestly, confused. In order to be a good writer do I have to write about the world? The news and the government and people with conspiratorial theories? Must I sign up for the next 26 tips to becoming a great writer program? Do I have to write all the great tips about making your body the next best thing in any man’s world?

Why is it that the blogs I read that are successful are the type that I personally hate? Every time I look at another bloggers post I get discouraged and think I’ll never make it.

Don’t even lie to me. I know you have the same thoughts.

My plan for the day? To say NO!

Today, I’m saying out loud that I don’t need to Google all the tips on having a great blog post or the fact that I can make a ton of money writing a blog.

Today, I will quit looking at all the marketing schemes and begin my own journey of blogging. I learn better hands on anyway. It might be difficult, And of course, lets not forget the amazing benefit of asking for advice… But, I do not want to get caught up into all that stuff to the point that I’ll never start what I really want to do.

So, here are some questions I am asking and hoping to start working on right away, with the help of what I’ve read before, and what I want to do moving forward.

Why am I writing this blog?

How can I encourage my readers to KEEP reading?

Who are my personal support group for the type of writing I do?

When do I do giveaways and contests?

What Keeps me motivated?

Okay that’s enough for now. I hope this has somehow empowered you to live a life of blogging and not just reading blogs waiting for your best life now to just show up.

Lets do this thing!


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