Getting the courage to jump off the Deep End.

So… It’s Monday.

I have realized a few things about myself this past weekend.

  1. I am clueless about many things

  2. I am confident of the things I love

  3. I am careless with my time

  4. I am crazy

I added that last one for fun….or maybe I didn’t. It’s up to you to figure that one out. 😉


I am walking down a road of self employment. I’ve never ventured on something drastically unfamiliar before (this is where the “clueless” part comes in). In a matter of 24 hours, I have felt completely confident, carefree, courageous and…. lost, all at the same time. Yep, I’m crazy. I knew it.


This is what happens when someone decides to go off to the deep end to get out of their comfort zone. Trying to see if they can do what they’ve wanted for so long. All the while I’m walking to the deep end asking myself: Can I do this? Will I succeed? How will I respond when I fail? Will anyone come with me? Will I be a total failure or just a little bit of a failure? Will I float?


My heart hurts when I think of the times I have missed an opportunity by saying, no. My thoughts swarm with accusations when I realize I was capable of doing so many things but held back in fear of being mocked, or failing.


This whole “self-employment” venture is just like walking towards the deep end. My heart is racing, my body anticipating, my mind yelling at me to go back. But I keep walking. I don’t know what is waiting for me. I don’t even know how I’m going to start (although, just by walking over to the deep end I’ve already started). I don’t know if I will succeed or fail. I have no idea if I will be determined to keep going.


But before I get into my self doubt and insecurities let me remind myself: I’M WALKING TOWARDS THE DEEP END! This is the biggest success of my life at the moment!


How many years do we daydream until the day finally arrives where we make it a reality?


I find empowerment through some of these fun stories of products we all know and love.


Remember those shoes called TOMS – Yeah… I was wondering why in the world they were called TOMS. Read the article. 😉 With an idea, it begins. And of course, using what you know! Blake obviously knew about entrepreneurship and used it with his idea! (now I just need to think of something to make….) 🙂


Then there is this article where I read all the tips and shake my head saying “no, nope, nada, can’t happen….” Then I get to the end and think “OK, I won’t give up that easily.” These could help me out a lot. I mean, a lot.


And just for fun I’m adding Cole LaBrandts fame on here too. Entrepreneur may not be his title, but this story is just. Plain. Hilarious to me.


So today I’m getting back on track. Spending my time doing what I love. Writing. And trying to figure out whats next.


As we venture out into the deep end lets take a deep breath and not forget to be excited! It’s a great adventure and we are willing to take it. Not many people will admit that.


Lets get going! Bring a life jacket. 🙂

Photo Cred: Google Search


3 thoughts on “Getting the courage to jump off the Deep End.

  1. How did you take this step to self employment? I have a job now but want to travel and make money. But oh! That inertia to do so is too huge! I am still working!
    So hats off to you for at least trying!

    • Sometimes the way I handle things is to go completely cold turkey. If you know what I mean. So, I quit my job and jumped right into writing this blog and researching freelance opportunities. I wouldn’t say I’m successful yet but my key motto at the moment is: DO.NOT.GIVE.UP. If you’re called to travel then I know that bug will never die down in you. You will always be searching for ways to fulfill that calling. One day you will finally have to make the leap and just go. Is that where you are now? Sounds like it’s almost time. 🙂

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