Just keep writing, Just keep writing…

I sit down on the couch. Open the lap top. Place my fingers on the keyboard and…. everything goes blank.

Where is my voice today? I think. No, better yet, Where is my mind?

If you haven’t yet been part of a blogging community of some sort I would encourage you to get on that right away. There were several times I was prompted to “Free Write” during those communites. (You can read some of my posts Here and Here.) As I free wrote I found what it was that I was dying to get out.

Remember that funny little blue fish in Finding Nemo? Don’t tell me you don’t know her.

Dory! She is ADD and HILARIOUS! I am like her today. Actually, I was like this yesterday, too (and quite possibly the day before.)

Today, I remember her singing that silly little song, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” They had no idea where they were going. And of course Marlin was complaining the entire time.

IF you are like my mother and me (and that is a pretty big IF), you will take this little ditty to mean something incredibly profound. Just keep swimming. It can become any type of motivation. Just keep driving. Just keep pursuing.

Just keep WRITING!

How can we keep writing when we KNOW others are out there succeeding and we are just getting started? How can we continue finding words to put down on these blank pages when we don’t even know what our message is? (you might find this article helpful.)

We just keep writing.

We what?

We just keep writing.

So we Google on writing prompts. We day dream all day about our next post. We read other blogs and articles and keep reading. We think we don’t have anything to share. We’re clueless as to our message.


We do have something to share. Our life. Our stories. Our hearts.

I need you. YOU need me. WE need each other. We need to hear our differing perspectives and thoughts.We need each others creativity.

There is nothing new under the sun. But what we share might be new to someone who’s needing something only from us. 🙂

Just keep writing!

Here is some inspiration:

Story of my Life

Sarah Markley



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