Where Are You?

We were seated around the tables for breakfast and I felt your absence. Where were you?

We jumped in the car and headed into town. You weren’t anywhere to be found. Where were you?

We shopped and I wanted to know your opinion on my new shoes. I laughed out loud when I actually turned my head to see if I could find you.

The vintage and antique stores were closed due to power outages. It was dark in one of the warehouses. I saw a funny quote and my hand itched to hold yours. Where were you?

Now here I am, watching my family interact and wishing so badly that you were here to witness it all. Where are you?

There is a difference in talking to a friend compared to talking to you. You love me for the inside of me and not just the benefit of an activity buddy. You know me from the inside out. You know my thoughts and my responses. You give me the benefit of the doubt before you even know the situation because you know what I feel and how I process.

I long to hear your voice in my ear and my face pressed against your chest.

You are missing in my life. But I don’t know where you are. Where do I look? What places are you at?

When I look at a face, deep into their eyes, I look for you. I don’t even know what you look like and yet I’m still not seeing you in the face of my potentials. Who are you?

I’m thinking of you. Wanting you and hoping that you are around the corner.

Where are you?



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