Five Minute Friday: BEGIN

Five Minute Friday, where a group of women throw caution to the wind and write using a prompt that Lisa Jo Baker sends out. A great way of encouraging other women and to hear what swirls in the minds of others who are just like us.

Prompt: BEGIN

To begin seems so daunting, yet immediately my fingers itch to write. To lay down the jumble that is swirling in my mind.

To begin. hasn’t this always been my fear? To start something that may never finish?

To begin. This signals all warning bells yelling that failure is right around the corner.

Then I am reminded…

Courtesy of JHM.ORG and Google

I am overwhelmed. Now I ask… Where do I start? How do I get going?

To begin is stepping out in faith, knowing that somehow you will see completion.

Will I succeed? Will I blow this out of the water?

That is not the attitude to have.

We are to always be ready to BEGIN whatever He asks of us. Whatever He starts in us.

To begin is a worth-it adventure.


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: BEGIN

  1. Hi Chelsea!
    Hailing in from FMF. I love this sentence: “To begin is a worth-it adventure.” Yes, yes, yes! I would rather risk the pain of stepping out then experience the pain of regret- it is a worth-it adventure! Go for it! Give it your all! Let God bring in the results!
    Cheers along the journey!

  2. Here from fmf. What you write here is so true not just for you but for me and many others too! I have several things I want to begin, but then decide to wait on because of what you said here. I love the quote though! We have to have faith in the plan He has for us! Loved reading!

  3. Chelsea, Yup – my mind swirls around all the time. And I have to write sometimes to get it all out of my head. My husband thinks I’m funny because these mind-swirlings are not always finished pieces. He (jokingly because he knows me and my ADHD scattered thoughts) wants to know when I’m going to finish. I tell him I can’t finish what I don’t start. Hence – begin. It is a worth-it adventure! Visiting from FMF.

  4. There is just so much comfort in following Christ, isn’t there? I love the fact that we can trust Him with both our beginnings as well as our completions. Great post. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday. Huzzah!

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