Little Things, Anyone Else?

When you wake up knowing something weird is going to happen and then it does.

The clock read 4:02 and I felt like it was two hours later. Weird. I went to the bathroom and jumped back into bed and had no hope of falling back to sleep. I said a prayer “Dear God, I love creation but that bird out my window has got to go.”

After completing two levels of Candy Crush, it happened. The Carbon Monoxide alarm went off. I would have freaked if It had woken me up from a dead sleep. I couldn’t turn it off, so I unplugged it and shoved it out the door I frantically opened.

Figuring the trauma was over I went back to my bed. 5 minutes later, it came back. I gave in, opened all the windows, started a fire and made a pot of coffee. I haven’t seen a sunrise in a while. I guess this is my morning. I cocooned myself in a blanket, made sure coffee was in the mug and grabbed the mac all in time for a huge wolf spider to crawl across the desk that I was about to sit at.

How in the world does all this happen at the same time? If I hadn’t woken up that spider would have hung around. Maybe even I would have died from carbon monoxide. Either way it’s days like this that have me wondering why I had to be up to witness it all.

Anyone else?

If only I could be in the right place at the right time when my crush was around or when the jackpot fell in my favor.  Instead… it’s the obnoxious birds, wolf spiders and monoxide that call my attention.

And somehow all those annoying things give me inspiration. The small, unimportant, aggravating and unworthy things give me something to want to write about.

Who else notices the small things?  When you’re the only one to witness a wolf spider or an alarm to go off. Just you.

Those things mean something to me. And I expect them too. I knew this morning something weird would happen, and it did. I expected a bird or animal to come crawling through the open door and instead, a spider at the perfect time walked across the desk.

And now, for a sunrise I haven’t seen since last year…

Good Morning.



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